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agenda. foreign policy his response to the policy in egypt comes under fire bracing for another week of blood shed. members of congress blasting the president for not pulling billions in aid.members of conge president for not pulling billions in aid... .. .. most of his supporters are sort of among constituents, those who supported him during the campaign but so far no one?
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hosni mubarak is facing legal cases against pim. . in one case a judge ordered his release pending the trial. he is saying or at least his lawyer is saying he will be free to go in the coming days since that trial is not scheduled to start for some time. however, judicial sources we have been speaking to and a lot of other legal experts here are saying it may not be that easy. the president, the former president has a lot of other challenges ahead of him. a lot of legal cases he is being held for and investigated for. it's up to the general prosecutor to release him. he may not do so yu jjust yet.
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it gives you how things are moving in egypt. >> ayman, thank you. >> ayman was trying to break down what the situation in egypt is. a lot of different fires taking place there and a whole new urgency bringing the slaughter in the streets. this is going on at the same time with the u.s. credibility at stake. your colleagues are calling for the u.s. aid to egypt be pulled. it passes through the suez canal. also so many things hang in the balance for the region because for the u.s. that has been our regional ally for an arab state. does the u.s. have any real leverage here with the money, the 1.6 billion in aid? or if we take it away does it
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mean that someone else is going to come in, a foreign entity to fill that financial void. >> that is an important point, thomas. we have already given most of that aid, the $1.3 billion, only about 500 million that has yet to be given during this fiscal year. we have delayed the delivery of f-16 planes and withheld the apache helicopter. they are very interested in getting the military equipment from us and ironically, that money goes to u.s. defense contractors. i think this issue is much bigger than withholding aid. this is a relationship that has been developed over decades with mu bar ark who was a dictator as well. you're absolutely correct when you say that this is a pivotal relationship.
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for us to do anything that is more than withholding or suspending aid i think would be a disaster. i think we have to main that relationship. >> we are walking on a tight rope as we consider this. i know state is keeping this under a constant review. the president besides having to deal with the foreign issue of egypt domestically here at home we have obama care and immigration, the debt ceiling crisis, jobs and middle class bill that could be taken up and fielding questions about the controversial nsa program. do you think the biggest onus is on the president and not having a government shutdown, especially tied to the date of october 1st when open enrollment begins for obama kaye? >> i think it is, in fact, a pivotal time relative to the issues as well. a shutdown could be catastrophic. i think we all appreciate that, both republicans and democrats. i think real opportunities for
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us to come together in the next few months. i think the fact that we are on our august recess, most of us are in our districts hearing from our constituents, there is big pushback on the nsa. there is actually a lot of applause about obama care and people are recognizing that, in fact, there is much to be lost if we don't allow obama care to move forward. for all of us, we are going to see that there is a limitation now on how much we will be spending both in terms of costs of our premiums and our drug costs. it will be capped at about $6,000 a year per person. that is a huge savings for people with chronic illness in particular. >> i got to ask you about what is going on in your home state. san diego mayor bob filner is supposed to return to work today amid these growing allegations, 16 different women claiming sexual harassment and recall under way and protesters in the street over the weekend. l.a. times doesn't think he is
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going away any time soon. in their article they say he is, quote, stubborn and lighkes to fight. this seems to be unsurvivable situation with 82% of the people in san diego want to see him out. >> i agree that, in fact, he is a very stubborn man and i think he is going to stay there as long as he possibly can. i think the writing is on the wall. i think he has to go. i think he will go. the actual petitions to recall him were initiated yesterday. i think that there is some issues now regarding whether or not he used city funds for personal use and i think it's really disgusting what has happened relative to the women propositioned by him. >> congresswoman jackie speier, thank you. >> thank you. in an op-ed published in
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2014, the mayor says, quote. all of this comes a day after new york city police commissioner defended the practice on "meet the press." >> nobody wants to be stopped, at the very least, you're giving up your time. but we need some -- some balance here. the stark reality is that violence is happening disproportionately in minority communities and, unfortunately, it's in big cities throughout america. >> coming up during -- during that show trayvon martin's mom spoke out against stop and frisk. >> it's all about laws and i think you have to give not only civilians but you have to give the police officers the right direction. you can't give people the
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authority, whether it's vil civilians or police officers the right to stop somebody because of the color of their skin. >> in the next hour they will announce the largest seizure of guns in the city's history. they will face tough questions over their decision to appeal the judge's ruling against stop and frisk. join me live is the naacp president ben jealous. stop and frisk is a highly hot and controversial issue. trayvon martin case. i want to play a bit more of what the commissioner had to say on "meet the press." especially in reference directly to trayvon martin and that case to stop and frisk. take a listen. >> i understand the sensitivity of it. people -- i've dealt with this in many community meetings -- it's something that is -- very important in the african-american community. i would also submit that the trayvon martin case is a little bit different. these are two civilians. it clearly was a tragedy but it
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didn't involve swarming police officers. >> do you think the commissioner understands the sensitivity of it again, with trayvon martin, yes, there was not a sworn police officer in george zimmerman. just someone who was using what he considered to be racial profiling to pick out trayvon martin. is that the same mindset that police have when trying to put that in effect here in new york city? it is racial profiling. >> i think really sad thing is that the chief doesn't understand how people like him inspire people like george zimmerman. that he really sets a light, if you will, that they gravitate towards. and so he is responsible for leading nypd but he is also a parol model for all of the wannabes and would-bes out there and he has to take responsibility for that. he is running the largest profile city in the country. with that said, he knew a long
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time ago this program was deeply flawed. back in the early part of this century, if you will, he said that stop and frisk program, referring to it under giuliani when it was much smaller was dubious. and that is not surprising because at that time he was known as somebody who had taken on racial profile at the u.s. customs and had increased the productivity of the searches, about 300%, because he took on racial profiling so it fit in with the old real estaay kelly. the new ray kelly is a like a bad politicians and trying to sell you something that doesn't work and swear that it works. let's break this down very carefully and clearly. three-quarters of the drop in homicide in new york city happened before 2002. why is that important? because that is the point kelly and bloomberg take over and they expand the stop and frisk program. there is a huge spatial dissect
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between homicide coming down with chief bratton and stop and frisk going up. >> ben, i want to show everybody, though, the racial breakdown we have between 2004 and 2012. 52% of those stopped were black and 31% hispanics and 10% white and 7% considered other ethnicities. they say they are focusing on crime that is the worse. that happens to be where minority communities are living. is there a disconnect? if they are helping those communities be safer and they are not focusing on other communities that have less crime, is it unfair to say it's racial profiling or they are just going where the crime is? >> what is unfair is to treat an entire community like it's guilty, because you really focus on a few thousands killers and potential killers in that community. but what is absolutely untrue and what is not responsible is to tell people that as he did on "meet the press" and as he has
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again and again, that the homicide rate is going to go up if stop and frisk goes down. first of all, it just didn't hold last year when he did it. he and mayor bloomberg said about 12 months ago when it was clear that stop and frisk were suddenly dropping in the city in part in response to protests we in many local groups had brought that homicide would go up and stop and frisk would go down. guess what? stop and frisk down about 20% last year and homicide down 20% too. then he comes out this year and says the same thing. again, there is absolutely no relationship. so, yes, it is unfair to treat an entire community like it's guilty when you are worried about, you know, a handful of suspects. it is also untrue to tell people that -- that homicide will go up when stop and frisk goes down on. look. i'm sitting on your show wearing
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a blue tie. it doesn't mean i'm on your show wearing a blue tie. because two things happen don't mean they are connected. the relationship here is so clear and lack of relationship is so clear he needs to actually get responsible and admit to people that there is no connection between safety and stop and frisk. >> we will hear from the commissioner and the mayor this hour as they are talking about the largest illegal gun seizure and taking questions from reporters. naacp ben jealous, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. chris christie is prepping to sign a bill banning so-called ga conversion manager. some say if he is laying the groundwork for a 2016 run. the inside story of his rise to power, the author will join me. remember following this. >> we didn't want to try this case in the media but what is going is this and that.
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presidential candidate chris christie will sign a law making new jersey only the second state to ban gay conversion therapy. one of several moderate moves by the governor that could further strain his relationship with conservatives. a "the new york times" article looked at that. building a political operation, the donor base and 50 states necessary for a white house run. however, conservatives who think they have compromised on an
8:18 am
establishment candidate for four elections in a row are not likely eager to back christie who continues to feud with conservative darlings and gop rivals like rand paul of kentucky. >> this all started with him saying we don't have room for libertarian republicans. the thing is that is how we grow our party. >> joining me live in the studio is bob engle, co-author of chris christie, the inside story of his rise to power. great to have you here. let's talk about the fact the governor will sign this bill into law banning gay conversion therapy. certainly there are going to be moderates that are attracted to something like this. democrats attracted to this. is othis another poke in the ey? >> it's a looney thing to do and this affects people who are licensed. i'm thinking that probably the people who license these people
8:19 am
are not going to allow it any way. >> we all know it closed down earlier this year and apologized to everyone who has gone through its doors. is this a signal that the governor is evolving on marriage equality? he vetoed it before. >> i don't think so. >> you don't? it's not coming to new jersey? >> well, when he ran the first time, he said he was against it and he said it had something to do with his catholic upbringing and then the pope just recently said who am i to judge? >> right. >> but he hasn't changed his mind yet. >> okay. last week, he changed his stance on medical marijuana. he vetoed a gun bill in his state. and then, again, he continues this rand paul war of words. in fact, in his column in "the washington post" this weekend the question was posed to him chris christie and rand paul is the gop big enough for both of them? is the gop big enough for both of them area their messages? >> it's more than two the of them. the libertarian and moderate wing and you also have the far right wing and they are all
8:20 am
battling for supremacy right now. another wing may show up we don't know about. >> out of the two of them who do you think wins the war of words? >> i think in the end chris christie is going to win. >> bob, thanks for joining us. today's big question for all of you will chris christie's moderate moves tank him with republicans come 2016? if he decides to run which he probably is. head to our facebook page and tweet me your thoughts. we will get them on later on the show. coming up i'm speaking with civil rights leader norm hill. we talk about michelle's big album for hip-hop kids. we will be right back.
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next week, marks the 50th anniversary on the march on washington and to mark that occasion civil rights leading including reverend al sharpton organizing a massive march and rally on the national mall for saturday. a week from wednesday at a ceremony commemorating the date of the naevers president obama will speak from the same spot at the lincoln memorial where martin luther king delivered his "i have a dream" speech. joining us is civil rights activist normal hill. great to have you here. as i understand it you helped pitch the idea really laid the groundwork for the first march. you were there as hearing king's "i have a dream" speech firsthand. so much progress many would say the last 50 years but a long way to go in moving forward. if we look at where we are now since the supreme court struck
8:25 am
down the key part of the voting rights act in june 7th states have passed or implemented new voting restrictions have affected people with color. do you think in some way people have forgotten about the years of struggle to get where we have been? >> i am not dismayed. i look upon recent developments as a challenge. this nation's graeat black leadr and for the union of black work rs and father of modern civil rights movement and initiator and chair on washington for jobs and freedom once said freedom is never a final fact but a evolving process to higher and higher levels of human and social and economic and political relationships. it is in that context that i view recent developments like this unfortunate supreme court decision and the challenges that we face today as we commemorate
8:26 am
the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. >> mr. hill, a lot of times people put in the past and forget the economic concerns were also a heart of the matter and center of the 1963 march. when you look at the issue of poverty and unemployment in the black community now, things have not changed in certain ways. the black unemployment rate nearly double that of whites in 1963 and household income for african-americans lagging behind white families. they have declined 15% the last decade. when you think about the economic disparity and it's been persistent, been persistent for so long, do you think the administration has done enough to address it? >> i think the administration has been hamstrung by a narrow-minded, negative congress, particularly the united states house of representatives. what we need today is what the
8:27 am
original march called for, a massive for jobs to put the unemployed back to work and meaningful diggived jobs at decent wages. we need a minimum wage that gives every american a decent standard of living and we need a fair labor standard of acts that brings all areas of unemployment under its provisions, including domestic workers and farm workers. so i think much more needs to be done. above all, we need to begin to mobilize politically throughout the coming 2014 elections so we can change the nature of makeup of the congress, particularly the united states house of representatives. >> civil rights activist norman hill, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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. the question is whether embattled san diego mayor bob filner will return to work at city hall as promised today. a drive to kick him out of office is in full swing. organizers have just over a month now to get more than a hundred thousand signatures to force a recall vote and all of this comes when 16 women now accusing the mayor of making sexual advances and the latest a 67-year-old great grandmother coming forward on friday. >> on the day that mayor filner grabbed me and kissed me, i was so surprised. i went home and cried. i just felt so sad. i was just not sure how to take this contact, but it was very disturbing to me. >> nbc's reporter joe brings us live from los angeles. br bring us up-to-dated on what we expect to see from the mayor. >> the big question is the mayor returning today? >> reporter: a while back this
8:32 am
was set for him to return to office but more than recently no confirmation from his camp or from his communications people as to whether he really will return to work today. right now, basically, the media has staked out at city hall to see if there is any sign of filner but there is no indication for sure if he is going to be back today. we do know today there will be a rally with filner's supporters. is there a group that is a saying wait, asking for due process, wait until the investigation is finished before trying to recall him. this news conference is going to come one day after a pretty large group rallied against filner. they are the ones who are pushing for this recall. yesterday was the first official day they could begin collecting signatures. it is not going to be easy as you mentioned they have to collect more than 100,000 signatures in less than six weeks. that is a hard task. it will take a lot of money, a lot of organization. it is very hard to recall a mayor in san diego. they have what is known as a strong mayor system.
8:33 am
because of that, there are some other options being considered by the city. one option is using a little known city rule that says an officer can be removed if they misuse public funds. of course, this means having to investigate and prove whether mayor filner may have misused his city-issued credit card. that could also be a tall task. >> we will see what happens for this monday. joe fryer, thanks. appreciate it. time now for the agenda. yet another battle in the tea party to defund obama care. the knives are out. now it's the republicans on the chopping block. that is today's topic for our agenda panel. joining me is viviana and lee and timothy. great to have you all here. lee, the tea party groups want to defund obama care the ratcheting up their efforts. this week, their targets are within their own party. republican senators who said
8:34 am
that they are opposed to shutting do you know the government, not something they want to do. if we take a look at a new attack ad launched against south carolina senator lindsey graham it tells the tale. >> senator graham, conservatives don't need a chicken when it comes to obama care. you said it yourself. now it's become a big f'ing mess for the democratic party and the country as a whole. avoid the mess. be a leads who will fied to defud fight to defund it now. >> will it still work? it's worked in the past. >> maybe three years ago the scorched earth tactics made sense from a partisan point of view. we are here on the eve of implementation and we have leading republicans embracing big parts of the law like the medicaid expansion and preexisting condition forums. many have written to the obama administration praising the law privately and asking for health reform money so it's no longer a
8:35 am
black and white issue. i think the republican party risks having special interest groups like this heritage foundation lead them to defeat. >> let's talk about the heritage foundation. jim demint and the heritage foundation are staging a town hall meeting this week and pointing a finger at the president. take a peek. >> the only person threatening to shut down the federal government is the president. >> shut down our government. >> president obama has threatened to shut down the government because he wants to replace the sequestered cuts with more tax increases. we want to shut down obama care. >> what is the end game for these groups? october 1st being the big date. >> i think right now really it's going to be determining what this debate is, not letting democrats and president obama to find the debate but go on the offensive and turn it around and say it's not the gop that wants to shut down the government.
8:36 am
it's president obama. interesting thing with heritage action they kick off their town hall tour in arkansas. they are out there. if you look at the numbers of health care coverage in that area it doesn't bear out. in a community that is serviced by the community clinic, you've got 90% of their client base at a household income of 200% under the federal poverty level and 40% of their clients don't have insurance. while this may be good politics and it really rallies up the base, you have to look at the policy and how, in fact, these people that need insurance are going to be covered. don't hear a lot of those positive gop solutions. >> there is confusion out there. politico is pointing out that opposition to obama care exceeds opposition to implementing medicare and says the administration's task in launch is the health law since the creation of medicare in 1965 is
8:37 am
hardest thing they have had to face. you would think we would have been able to advance in this highly connected digital age to be able to advance how we educate each other about what is going on in the country. >> the environment is much more partisan today than it was back in 1965. remember, back in the mid 1960s there was such a thing as liberal republicans and conservative democrats. speaking of the heritage foundation. i just tweeted a link to a 1993 paper that heritage produced that was proposing in effect obama care. if you look at timothy noah 1 you will see a link to that piece. heritage is campaigning against a plan that it helped devise 20 years ago. butler of the heritage foundation in 2008 was expressing mild displeasure a
8:38 am
plan that was developed at heritage. why is heritage spending its do do donors' money to something it tried to implement years ago? >> it's that odd. lee, let's talk about 2016. i know it's far off. there is an article in "wall street journal" that is stirring some talk in the direction of joe biden saying political allies of vice president biden have concluded he can win the 2016 presidential election even if hillary clinton enters this contest. can the vice president go up against hillary clinton or do you think he will bow out? >> i think a lot of folks are rolling their eyes at the 2016 race starting so early. in my view, i think there are some benefits. first and foremost, political competition is a good thing. if biden does run he is going to
8:39 am
pressure hillary clinton to propose better solutions hopefully a health reform and other issues. even for the republican side with rand paul and chris christie debating they are bringing ideas about civil liberties, about changing the status quo in terms of foreign policy into the republican party. that's a good thing. these are healthy debates. >> so early to be talking about 2016! but i guess that is our job. thank you all so much. you can find more from our agenda panel on our website follow the link to my nam. breaking news in the trial of ft. hood shooter. judge just blocked prosecutors from using certain witnesses and some evidence they argued would help show motive. the mainly is accused of killing 13 people and wounding others in the base at a texas attack in 2009. hasan is representing himself at this trial. daddy, my turn! hold it steady now. i know daddy. [ dad ] oh boy, fasten your seatbelts everybody. [ mixer whirring ]
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yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? welcome back. a look at the stories topping the news now. massive wildfire in idaho is threatening about 10,000 homes
8:43 am
including the vacation homes of arnold schwarzenegger and tom hanks and bruce willis. fire burned more than 125,000 acres and officials saying only 9% contain. oscar pistorious was in tears today in a south african courtroom where he was charged with the murder of his girlfriend model reeva steenkamp. he thought she was an inintruder but the lawyers say he killed her after an argument. the trial date is set for march of next year. alex rodriguez booed when he came to the plate last night in boston. so then when he came to the plate in the second inning, the first pitch nearly hit it but he was able to get out of the way. two pitches later he got plunked by ryan dempster. in the sixth inning a-rod got his revengs hitting a home run
8:44 am
off the same pitcher. yankees win 9-6. a-rod's attorney was saving his heat for major league baseball and a-rod's off the field battle with his employer over doping. >> what is outrageous and anonymously again and again. it has to stop! they are averting this process! two athletes kissed on the winner's podium after they helped their team win the 3 iv -- 4x400 meter relay. there is the video of the two winners kissing on the podium. maryland woman says what she feels was an excessive number of police in a screening of "the butler." tiffany flowers say an african-american audience in the screening. they say they use security to assist with crowd control when a
8:45 am
movie is sold out. "the butler" took the top spot at the box office on its premiere weekend and took on in $25 million. congratulations to them. first lady says she thinks the country is ready for a female president but don't expect her to be running. when chimed in whether hillary clinton would get the job, she says she hasn't announced anything so i won't get ahead of her. she discussed her campaign about against childhood obesity which is geared to getting kids to quit eating so much and start exercising. >> it seems hard to know a year ago he launched a campaign called let's move to solve the problem of childhood obesity in this country. when we took this on a lot of people wondering could we make it happen? >> so michelle obama is not going to be singing on the album
8:46 am
but it does feature cameos from several big names including multiplatinum singer and song writer actress ashanti who joins me now. how did you get involved in the album? >> i got a call from chris lorenzo who i used to work together and we worked together so closely. we got this amazing project and love you to be a part of it. when i heard about the positive things, i was like, yes! i'm at the studio. >> it's being relieved by partnership for healthy america and the hip-hop public health foundation and basically using hip-hop as a message to get through to kids and get them involved with a healthier lifestyle. did you help write some of the lyrics you're singing? >> i wrote my verse for "just believe" and along with artie green and a rapper named tommy guns. it was so cool. it's catchy and a positive message and it allows the kids to kind of das and move around,
8:47 am
you know? so i thought it was an amazing idea. >> positive message from a personal perspective? have you ever struggled with issues with weight and how you're perceived publicly? as a singer and actress and performer these go into account. you're gorgeous. highly talented. >> thank you! >> but some may think you have it together and you're perfect. >> you absolutely, as a public figure, quote/unquote, being in the public eye, you always have to worry about do i look okay? are my legs or arms big? do you know what i mean? you have to consistently be in shape so you don't give people too much to talk about. i think what is most important is being healthy and being happy with yourself from within. you can't please everyone all the time. but it's so important to be healthy. >> so the album is relieved on september 30th. the just believe song that you wrote and performed. >> yes. >> that is on this album. >> yes. >> what inspired you about "just believe"? where did you draw the
8:48 am
inspiration? >> i feel it's so important to give our kids a message to believe in yourself and believe you can do big things and to dream big. don't limit yourself. be happy and be fit and healthy. all of the above. i think it's really important to just always encourage our kids and to send that positive message. >> what else is coming up for you? >> my album "brave heart" is out later this fall. super excited about that. i just wrapped army wives and we were thinking there may be another season coming up really soon. i'm going to be touring overseas in japan and that is my single, "never should have" is on itunes right now. i shot a movie. it will be out december 2014. a christmas movie so i'm excited! >> you are a busy lady! >> i asked to may do that. i love her. she is great. >> thank you. >> great to have you here. >> thank you. >> congratulations on being a part of such a great project. it's probably going to give kids
8:49 am
a lot of inspiration. it rocks. this is good for kids to utilize and think about their health and eat good foods and sing along. >> thank you. thank you to dr. williams as well. >> today's producer pick. a team decision and about one-on-one with oprah. lindsay lohan talking about her issues with oprah about drugs and alcohol and her future. >> as long as i stay honest with myself and just do the work that i'm willing to do and have been willing to do and am doing, then there is nothing that can stand in my way of that. i'm my own worst enemy and i know that i've been. >> pretty heartfelt interview. check it out on my facebook page. according to a new survey by the cdc, 1 in 8 baby boomers are experiencing memory loss! they say it's affecting their personal lives and work lives.
8:50 am
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all right, so we asked and you answered today's big question. will chris christie's moderate move tank him with republicans in 2016? one viewer said, sooner or better, now the gop had better come out of their stupor and look at governor christie or browning. no extremes and i sure hope not, he's the only one going at the moment. oh, canada. texas senator ted cruz has released a copy of his birth certificate of the "dallas morning news" and it shows that he was born in canada, although his mom is a u.s. citizen. the 2016 presidential candidate has faced scrutiny in recent weeks over that canadian birth certificate. "the washington post" said that bob mcdonald and his wife
8:54 am
will spend the day behind closed doors with prosecutors. former massachusetts senator scott brown may be ready to re-enter politics. he spent his sunday at the iowa state fair. the republican told the boston herald that he's not ruling out a run for president. and speaking of potential presidential candidates, hillary clinton will be speaking at her alma mater in october. she will address yale law on the 40th anniversary of her graduation. and former president bill clinton turning 67 years old today. so happy birthday mr. president. that's going to wrap things up for me today, i'm going to see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern. now a special, special monday edition. >> it is a special monday edition. we have a lot in store, thomas. we're going to get a live report from cairo where the death toll has now climbed above 1,000 in less than a week, including 25 offduty police officers killed this morning.
8:55 am
plus, an end to the war on drugs. we will talk legalization, cartels and u.s. mexico narco awards with the editor-in-chief of high times magazine. and eric bana is here to talk surveillance, conspiracy theories and his new movie "closed circuit." all of that in a few minutes.'s dental that tastes so good new beneful healthy smile food and snacks at humana, our medicare agents sit down with you and ask. hanging out with this guy. he's just the love of my life. [ male announcer ] getting to know you is how we help you choose the humana medicare plan that works best for you. mi familia. ♪ [ male announcer ] we want to help you achieve your best health, so you can keep doing the things that are important to you. keeping up with them. i love it! [ male announcer ] helping you --
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is a german-engineered piece of awesome. that i got for 0% apr. good one, dad. thank you, dalton. [ male announcer ] it's the car you won't stop talking about. ever. hurry in to the volkswagen best. thing. ever. event. and get 0% apr for 60 months, now until september 3rd. that's the power of german engineering. egypt teters on the brink, mayor bloomberg's defense looks a lot like offense and eric bana is paranoid. it's monday, august 19 and "this is now." while mass deportations by pro morsi supporters have waned over the past few days, violence on both sides has continued pushing the death toll in the past week past 1,000.
8:59 am
on sunday night, approximately three dozen islamists were being -- while this morning, at least 24 offduty egyptian policemen were killed in an ambush in the sinai peninsula. how exactly to recalibrate america's relationship with a key player in the middle east. >> there are no good choices in egypt. the fact is, there's no good guys here. but there's more opportunity to protect american interests if we work with the military. >> joining us now from cairo is nbc news fornt correspondent amman mojadine. is there a sense, given the chaos on the ground right now that the europeans may have more leverage in terms of determining an outcome here or at least calming the violence that has erupted in the last week? >> well, certainly if you speak
9:00 am
to the egyptian government, they have been very clear about their interest in foreign -- foreign power to use its leverage over the government, whether it's financial, diplomatic or political to try and shape what the egyptian government here is doing. on more than one occasion, they have said that they take into consideration their allies, their concerns of international community, but when it comes down to what's happening here in egypt, they are making their own sovereign decision. so they are striking a more defiant tone when it comes to the type of -- the united states and the european union are talking about perhaps cutting off aid or shaping the economic benefits of this relationship. today the saudi king pledged his commitment to pledge money to the egyptian government so they feel some type of financial

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